Tenerife: Vive Monje Menus

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To enjoy the gastronomy with a guided tour to the winery.

Pork Shoulder Menu | “Cochino Negro Canario” Roast Pork Menu

The “Cochino Asado” roast pork has been a speciality dish here in the winery for over 25 years. It is a whole pig, cooked very slowly in our firewood oven to maintain all the flavours of the meat. This makes the meat very tender and tasty.

Includes a guided tour of the winery (around 50 minutes) at 13:00 15:00 and 17:00.


  • Freshly baked bread with a selection of spreads (Watercress butter, Spiced goats cheese, chorizo perro)
  • Watercress soup with a garnish of gofio, cheese and onion
  • The roast meat comes with sweet vegetables, green mojo with almonds, Canarian potatoes and a lettuce and onion salad dressed with Monje Macho vinegar.
  • Dessert: Flan with coffee or tea.
  • Drinks: ½ bottle of young wine per person or water, soft drink or juice.


Vegetarian Menu

Our vegetarian menu offers dishes made using fresh, natural and healthy ingredients. Enjoy nature’s finest flavours in a creative and innovative way.


Avocado tartare followed by a roasted aubergine stuffed with vegetables and for dessert,
Canarian papaya with Spanish orange.

Includes three glasses of wine and coffee or tea


Volcanic Menu

This is our tasting menu comprising of five dishes made with Canarian ingredients,

harmoniously combined with five wines.



Cheese board with fruit and garnished with mountain grown oregano


Wild mushroom soup, scrambled eggs with chestnuts and ham.


Fillet of Wreckfish with saffron mojo and salted vegetables.


“Cochino negro” roasted pork from our firewood oven


Wine flavoured sponge cake with vanilla ice cream

Includes water, coffee and a glass of each wine listed above



  • Opening hours of the restaurant are 10:00h-18:00h. The kitchen is open until 16:30h.
  • The guided tour of the winery (around 45 minutes) at the following times: 11:00h -13:00h -15:00h -17:00h

If your reservation surpass the number of people allowed, contact us. 


If for any reason you don’t wish to enjoy the purchased activity, you can exchange it for any other service or product of our store without expiration date. If you want the refund of the amount will be discounted 9 € in concept of management and bank fees.





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